Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cooking with Dad

Ethan has been begging for Creme brule' for about 2 months so since

it was a great day to be inside dad helped him make it! It was yummy!!

Winter Wonderland

I'm just getting my fall layout on and we got snow!

It was kind of nice as I really needed a day at home.

Unfortunately, Erin got stuck on her volleyball trip but

they finally made it home today about 2:00 - It really

was a pretty snow!

Homecoming Royalty

I'm a little slow here lately... Here is the Homecoming Royalty picture.

Zach is number 64 and Luke is 45 - oops the King and Queen hadn't

gotten out there yet!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Wow - I can not believe it's been a month since I have gotten anything posted! Football and volleyball games are keeping us busier then I thought. We had a really nice visit with Kenny's folks for about a week a couple of weeks ago and they got to do some site seeing and take in a couple of football games, volleyball games and even do some fishing. The weather was great while they were here and actually the whole month of September was beautiful.

We had Homecoming last week so it was a very full and busy week but a very fun one. We beat our cross county rivals Big Piney 27-0. That hasn't happened in 9 years! Since I didn't get a lot of pictures taken with my digital, I'll direct you to the local website which has a ton of great pictures on it! Check it out!!:) This is always a good spot to see what's going on in Pinedale.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Well - here we go back to school! We had a little frost on the pumpkin this morning so I guess it was fitting that we head back. Two Seniors, a Freshman and a 7th Grader. Don't you wish you were me!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

On the Way to Recovery

Well, here we are 12 days post surgery. He has a little hardware in there! We went for a checkup today and he is doing much better and somewhat back to the old Ethan. He will have to have all this out next Jan/Feb but he's hoping to be able to play soccer or run track in April. He went to football practice the other night and the coaches asked him to be the student manager so hopefully that will help him feel a little better.


This was his leg last Friday. The black bubbles are blisters and they had to pop them. He has another incision and staples on the other side of his leg as well.

Monday, August 18, 2008


I guess every family has one and mine is going to be Ethan. Last Thursday night he wrecked the four wheeler and it rolled on top of him and he broke his tibia and fibula. He had surgery on Friday and we finally got home today! He has been in quite a bit of pain but I'm not sure if the physical or emotional pain is worse. He was supposed to start football next Monday and now he will miss the whole season plus probably the basketball season. Thankfully he had his helmet on and he had a cell phone so he could call us right away but nonetheless we let him ride by himself (mistake) and he's only 13 - should be 16 (mistake). Hopefully we all learned a lesson and hopefully he'll think a little more the next time - although he was wondering if he would be able to ski this year - that's a wait and see! Anyway, thank you to all who have been praying. We have to go back to Jackson Friday so maybe I can get some gorry pictures to post!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fun with Aunt Peggy

Ethan and I went to Salt Lake City this weekend to do some school
shopping and meet up with my sister Peggy while she was at a Stampin' Up!
convention. Peg's always good for a laugh.
Here is Shirrise Linn, Ethan and Peg at Ruby's Restaurant outside of Salt Lake.

Ethan and Trace

We've gotten the pleasure of watching our youth group
leaders little boy Trace on Wednesday nights.
He and Ethan have gotten to be good buddies.
Almost as good of buddies as Trace
and Kenny!

Fun At The Fair

For this greased pig in the barell contest they had a calcutta. Zach's team had to be in the
men's division so they thought they would
bring more money if the girls showed off
a little!

These guys knew how to sneak up
on a pig!


It's Fair Time!

Even though we don't show cattle
and such like we used to, the Zach
and Erin decided to get involved with
the fair this year and each got on a
greased pig team. The team has to
enter a muddy pen and grab a pig
and put him in a barrel. It was quite
a hoot! Here is Erin's team ....


After.... They got fourth place
in the junior division!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Trip to Nebraska


Erin went to the Nebraska Huskers Volleyball camp this summer in June and so she, I and Ethan got to see some friends and family on our little jaunt across Wyoming and Nebraska. Here

she is at camp with her team. Needless to say it was "AWESOME"!

On the way to Lincoln we stopped in Holdredge to see our friends the Kaytons. The trip was just not long enough to get in enough visiting but we did get a little time to catch up. After dropping off Erin and her friend at the camp and Ethan at Aunt Lori's, I went over to Des Moines to see my sister Sherry. Here she is in front of her house. Iowa is beautiful right now!

When I got to Sherry's she had invited the boys over for supper so I got to see Nick, Rob and Amy and their three children, Logan, Lanee and Lindee.

We also got to spend the night with my neice Jaime and meet the newest adddition to the family - little Ava. Here Erin is with Alexis, Ava and Addison in Andy and Jaime's house in Lincoln.

Ethan got to spend some time with cousin Dayton in Lincoln. They attempted to go fishing but didn't have a lot of luck. The bottom picture is at Grandma Pat's in Stratton. We took Dayton and Kayla to Grandma's house with us and they got to spend a couple of days with grandpa and grandma.

Dayton and Kayla at Grandma and

Grandpa Egles' house in Stratton.

Such good looking kids!

What We Do!

Well this is what we do in Wyoming. Kenny is a general foreman for a company that does construction work out in the gas fields. He is head of the trucks and cranes and not very happy that I posted this picture! He said, "That is not what I do all day!" I'm sure that's true but I thought it was a cool picture with the mountains in the background.

This is a picture of Luke last fall when he finally got to play football. He broke a bone in his hand the week before the first game so he had to miss the first five games. He was so bummed out! When he finally got the cast off the doctor wasn't sure if he should play or not and he just told him it didn't matter if he thought he should play or not he was going to. So he told him how to wrap it up and away he went! I ended up sending this picture to the doctor and he thought is was
pretty cool!

This is Zach playing ball with one of his blocked punts on the season. This was a super sweet shot for him as the kid punting the ball had a little rowel with Zach on the basketball court the year before! As you can tell we play our games on Friday afternoons instead of Friday nights. Quite a bit different. We are lucky enough to get in one game a year under the lights.

Erin loves the sports as well but had a
rough year as an eigth grader. She actually
broke her foot last August at a camp in Colorado but played volleyball on it anyway. When basketball came around she couldn't take the pain any longer so ended up in a cast for the next three months. She's back on the court and went to a volleyball and basketball camp this summer and is very much looking forward to her Freshman year!

Ethan plays all the traditional sports of football, basketball and track but he keeps telling me he LOVES the extreme sports like skiing. He went almost every weekend if he could!

Our House

We've done some work to the house since we've moved in. The house began as a two bedroom cabin and the previous owners added a garage which has an apartment on top and an addition to the cabin which included a kitchen, dining room and family room. When we moved in we decided we wanted more bedrooms in the main area so we put on an addition that included three more bedrooms and two bathrooms. We then went ahead and sided the new addition and the front of the house. Now we're trying to get the garage painted and decide what to do with the logs on the outside. We have most of it done except the trim and some hard to reach places.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Our Surroundings

This is some of the area scenery. The picture on the left is of Fremont Lake which is about 4 miles up the road. The other lake is Half Moon which is another few miles up the mountain. The bottom picture is of photographers point where we hiked up to last Labor Day. We had a lot of needed moisture this spring so things have looked a little greener than they did the first year we were here!

This is a view of Pinedale and the mountains from our house.