Sunday, June 10, 2012

Spring Sewing

 I decided to try to de-stress from my winter blahs and tax season by taking on some sewing projects for graduation gifts.  I made three minky blankets and about 15 pillow cases.  They were all so much FUN to make and I think the recipients enjoyed them as well!

Cali grad

 Aunt Sherry was heading from Erin's graduation out to California to my neice Katarina's graduation and talked Erin and I into going with her!  What a weather contrast!!  It was 105 degrees the day after graduation.
 Sandra, Justin, Katarina and Ed.

 Two beautiful big eyed grads.  Bless you both!

Kat cutting her cake at her party.

Erin carousing with cousin Christopher and Katarina's friends.

Time to Party!

 A variation of the school colors adorned the Egle House for the big celebration.

 The guest of honor in front of the dessert table - the favorite part of the party!

A VERY HAPPY graduate!

 The desserts were "Make Your Own Fruit Pizza" with big jumbo sugar cookies and all the toppings, mini reeses grad caps  and the favorite of the night " Cake Pops"!  They were sooo good.

Zach and his new "bestie"  Brady - Brady made Zachary ponder many things over the weekend!  We were so excited to have him around.

 Erin was the lucky recipient of a "Vickrey" quilt.  Lynda Vickrey made this and presented it to Erin from the Vickrey family.  She does such an awesome job!  We feel very blessed to have this family in our lives.

My great neice and nephew Taylor and Brady came up with Grandma Sandy to help us celebrate.  They were such a hoot and so much fun to have around.  They even helped with the cleanup.  They are taking the flowers out of the jello vases while Uncle Larry sits in back and giggles! - it was really fun to have them here.


I know we have skipped most of the year since Homecoming but it seems like it has went that fast!  Erin graduated on May 25th, 2012 and we had a house full of fun with friends and relatives! 

Erin and Ally in their finest!

It's official!

 Erin with her buds - JW, Jep and Rodney

With Daddy..

Her good bud Kyle and his mom Sherri.

 Ethan, Erin and Connor

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Homecoming 2011

This is of course Erin's Senior year and once again we had awesome weather for our Homecoming. Erin was 1st attendent in the Homecoming court along with Trevor Johnson whose family just moved here from Nebraska a year ago so it was really fun to see the two "Huskers" get to be in the Homecoming court together! Here they are riding in the parade...

This is a new group at the high school that Erin and Ethan are involved in called "Pure Performance". If you look in the lower left you will see a poster that says 212. That is Erin on the poster. I will try to get a better picture posted later...

Erin playing in front of her last Homecoming crowd.


Ethan is #33 getting ready to stop whatever the line misses.

More Homecoming...

Homecoming Court

Trevor and Erin

Erin and our sweet queen Michelle.

We have been so amazed at the likenesses we see while watching Ethan on the field compared to his older brothers. This picture just makes me laugh because Luke used to stand like this all the time!

Erin and her Homecoming date and good friend Shawn. He is her favorite dance partner next to her brother Ethan.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Future Wranglers!

Micahel and Teann's kids have really gotten involved here with activities too. Kody is in the middle of this group leading the cheerleading..

Here is Gatlin running the ball on the pee wee football team!