Sunday, February 15, 2009

Trace and Ethan

We are blessed to get to watch a little boy named Trace on Wednesday nights while his mom and dad give their service to the church body by serving as youth group leaders. Trace has become a great little friend to all of us and it is always a big rush at the door to see who gets in to see him first! A couple of weeks ago Trace's mom and dad went skiing for the weekend so we got to keep him for two and a half days. What a sweetheart!!


We haven't seen a lot of moose this winter but earlier this winter we had this nice buck hanging out done the road. Last month when Ethan and I were coming back from Jackson I got to see my first live bull moose - amazing creatures. A couple of days ago I came home and their were two bald eagles sitting by the fence by the house - awesome birds - unfortunately no camera!
It's about time to start looking for the sheds so the boys are mapping out where they are going to start looking..

Snow Machines, Ice Fishin, Coyotes and Wildlife

A dedicated fisherman!
They love to fish!

Zach's great weekend - fishing and killing coyotes.

Are we having fun yet??

Kenny vowed this winter that he was going to take some time off, spend time with the kids and enjoy the mountains. I have been so proud of him as they have went snow machining a bunch of times as well as ice fishing . A couple of weeks ago Luke and Jade left on a Thursday night and went to Laramie to Lake Hattie to go fishing. Zach had a game Friday night so Kenny, Zach and Michael left after the game and drove to Laramie to join them. They caught 160 fish all together and had a super great guys weekend! We didn't have school Monday so Zach's basketball coach took him out to his ranch coyote hunting and Zach got two coyotes. He said it was the best weekend of his life!

Basketball, basketball and more basketball

So since moving to Wyoming we always know the basketball season is a long and drawn out affair. I never want to hear you Nebraskans complain about "away" games. Our closest game is 35 miles, next closest is 80 miles, and it doubles in mileage from there. Erin has a great freshman group and so far they are undefeated. About 3 1/2 weeks ago I walked into the gym - late for her JV game- set my stuff down and looked up and there she sat. With our track record for injuries here lately I asked her what happened? She said I guess I'm starting Varsity. So she's been varsity since. They are still letting her play on Freshman which is awesome since that is where they are shining. She does a good job as the center for the varsity but the Freshman are really a fun group of girls to watch and they have a great coach!! Thanks Jennifer for all your hard work!!

Christmas at home

We were home for Christmas and it was a well needed rest! We had our traditional Christmas Eve party and then we woke up to lots of snow on Christmas morning. The Pape's graciously invited us out for Christmas dinner so we went out their where the kids went snow machining, dad rested and napped and mom played cards - what a great day!

Senior Pictures and all that fun!

I started out in September thinking I was going to do my own Senior pictures - then reality hit. We did go down to the park and take some and they turned out pretty good hence the one above. We did however end up hiring a professional. I think she did a little better job. Her name is Tara Bolgiano and she really did some cool things with the boy's football pictures.
She also made a video of them so check it out~

Thanksgiving and a Husker Game

For Thanksgiving we decided to take a week off of work and head back to Nebraska. We got to have a wonderful week of visiting with family in friends in the Stratton, Wauneta, Palisade, Holdrege and Lincoln areas. What a great time to see everyone, rest and a renewing of spirit! Kenny's dad turned 70 in November so we all met in Lincoln to celebrate with him at a football game and Thanksgiving at Lori and Todd's. We were fortunate enough to run into my neices and after dinner Friday so we got so spend "a little" time with them as well!

Duck hunting in Wyoming??

The boys finally found some birds in Wyoming!! They had a great fall hunting for ducks and geese with their friends the Mering brothers. It was always a highlight of their week to end Friday with a football game and start Saturday duck hunting!

Grandpa & Grandma Visit

We were blessed last fall to have Kenny's folks come out and stay for a week. They got to see a couple of Erin's games and a couple of Luke and Zach's games. The weather was great and they also got to spend some time in the mountains fishing and site seeing. Luke took these pictures and I think he did a great job!

A Little Catchin' Up

I knew when I started this blog it would be a challenge for me to keep up but I didn't think it would be quite this bad! Let's see if I can take some time to get a few things caught up... October finished out with the boys beating their cross county rivals Big Piney for the first time in 9 years. It was an awesome day! They have a county trophy that stays at the winning school until the next year so it was a pretty big event for the school. We then finished the season off with a birth to the 3A Football playoffs - again 1st time in 9 years! We ended the regular season @ 5-3 which is the best record that they had had in - yes again - 9 years!! We were ranked 3rd in the state in 3A so our first game was at home against Lovell. It started out quite scary as at half time we were down 20-0 and we aren't really known as the type of school that "makes a comeback". I really don't mean to brag but those Egle boys came out and "lit it up". They were bound and determined to get the quarterback. By the end of the game they were on their third quarterback and we came back and won the game 28-23. On Sunday our pastor said he had lived in Pinedale for 23 years and that was the best football game he had ever seen Pinedale play. Needless to say we were quite proud of the team! We went on to play the state champs in Glenrock - wow were they impressive! Needless to say that ended our state title hopes. The year still ended on a great note as Luke and Zach both made All-Conference and Luke made it on the All-State Team. Luke also received the defensive player of the year award and the spirit award and they presented Zach with the game ball from the Lovell game since he played both sides of the ball the whole entire game.