Sunday, February 15, 2009

Snow Machines, Ice Fishin, Coyotes and Wildlife

A dedicated fisherman!
They love to fish!

Zach's great weekend - fishing and killing coyotes.

Are we having fun yet??

Kenny vowed this winter that he was going to take some time off, spend time with the kids and enjoy the mountains. I have been so proud of him as they have went snow machining a bunch of times as well as ice fishing . A couple of weeks ago Luke and Jade left on a Thursday night and went to Laramie to Lake Hattie to go fishing. Zach had a game Friday night so Kenny, Zach and Michael left after the game and drove to Laramie to join them. They caught 160 fish all together and had a super great guys weekend! We didn't have school Monday so Zach's basketball coach took him out to his ranch coyote hunting and Zach got two coyotes. He said it was the best weekend of his life!

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Stamping Ideas With Peg said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Kenny, you will never regret taking that time off! Memories last forever!