Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy 14th!

Happy 14th Birthday Ethan
You were the cutest little blonde
boy I have ever seen...

Also Happy ?? Birthday Aunt Linda
she and Ethan share the same birthday!!

Track Finals..

Taking some advice from dad.
Ethan ended his 7th grade track season
last Tuesday. It was a windy horrible day in
Lander. This shot was in Rock Springs on
Saturday - his best ever 4'10" and it got him
8th place. He was pretty happy and so were

Family Pictures...

Thank you again Tara for
your patience and creativity
in photography.

Anybody who can take

and this....

and make it into this...
deserves applause!

Then and now.....

Recognize this picture?? Now...
and then...think time isn't flying by...

Prom 2009

Thank you so much Mike and Sherri Irwin for opening your home to the junior and seniors and their dates. Wow such awesome hospitality!! This is a picture of the seniors. What a great group of kids. You will all truly be missed...

This is Luke and Zach's friend
Catherine and her date -
she made her dress and
her dates tie and
cummberband from
M&M wrappers.
She is so creative!

Luke and his girlfriend
Kelsea Vickrey standing
by the stretch Hummer that
their friend Taylor's grandpa
got for her and her friends!

Zach and his date - Yamaha

The brothers...they clean
up pretty well...

Senior Pictures

We want to thank Tara Bolgiano @
Blushing Crow Photography for the
great job she did on the boy's senior
pictures. She made the picture taking
session very fun for them.
They were taken right behind our house which was kind of cool...

Zach - cool black and white
football pose.

Cutie pie Zach!

Luke in his "sorta-kinda" intense
football picture.

Luke in his relaxed state!