Sunday, October 23, 2011

Homecoming 2011

This is of course Erin's Senior year and once again we had awesome weather for our Homecoming. Erin was 1st attendent in the Homecoming court along with Trevor Johnson whose family just moved here from Nebraska a year ago so it was really fun to see the two "Huskers" get to be in the Homecoming court together! Here they are riding in the parade...

This is a new group at the high school that Erin and Ethan are involved in called "Pure Performance". If you look in the lower left you will see a poster that says 212. That is Erin on the poster. I will try to get a better picture posted later...

Erin playing in front of her last Homecoming crowd.


Ethan is #33 getting ready to stop whatever the line misses.

More Homecoming...

Homecoming Court

Trevor and Erin

Erin and our sweet queen Michelle.

We have been so amazed at the likenesses we see while watching Ethan on the field compared to his older brothers. This picture just makes me laugh because Luke used to stand like this all the time!

Erin and her Homecoming date and good friend Shawn. He is her favorite dance partner next to her brother Ethan.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Future Wranglers!

Micahel and Teann's kids have really gotten involved here with activities too. Kody is in the middle of this group leading the cheerleading..

Here is Gatlin running the ball on the pee wee football team!

Ethan Football

Ethan has had quite the termultuous year at football. He started the year out at fullback with an option of being the JV quarterback and a backup varsity QB. On a pre-season scrimmage our main quarterback and Ethan both went down with knee injuries. He was out for the first three weeks of the season but managed to make his way back. Through another series of drama on the football team - he ended up being the starting varsity quarterback. A little nerve racking for a kid who really just wants to work on sacking the opposing team quarterback!

We were very proud of him as he stepped up and worked really hard at trying to do the job better each game. They didn't have a winning season but did win one big game as they beat Big Piney with Ethan playing quarterback and running in the final touchdown.

Yes - he is taller then his two older brothers - He is now just a hair over 6 foot!

Back in his stance after taking a snap.

Announcing the starting lineup - I just thought this picture turned out cool...

Senior Night/Erin in Action

Here are some action shots of Erin. She plays as an outside hitter and I would hate to get behind one of her balls. She really does hit hard...

She is also a very good blocker...

Senior Night and yes I did weep a little....


Wow - I know it has been over a year since I have posted but I am really going to try to get some things on here. Erin is a senior this year so thought I had better keep everyone posted on what's happening.... SO I am going to start with this weekend and throw in touches of what's happened the last year and a half.... The Pinedale Wrangler girls are headed to state - I am so proud of these girls - they work so hard and really had to work to get this done. We have an awesome group of coaches who have totally believed in these girls from the get go. Thank you

Coach Currah, Brisko and Covill!!Go Wranglers!!