Sunday, October 23, 2011

Homecoming 2011

This is of course Erin's Senior year and once again we had awesome weather for our Homecoming. Erin was 1st attendent in the Homecoming court along with Trevor Johnson whose family just moved here from Nebraska a year ago so it was really fun to see the two "Huskers" get to be in the Homecoming court together! Here they are riding in the parade...

This is a new group at the high school that Erin and Ethan are involved in called "Pure Performance". If you look in the lower left you will see a poster that says 212. That is Erin on the poster. I will try to get a better picture posted later...

Erin playing in front of her last Homecoming crowd.


Ethan is #33 getting ready to stop whatever the line misses.

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