Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ethan Football

Ethan has had quite the termultuous year at football. He started the year out at fullback with an option of being the JV quarterback and a backup varsity QB. On a pre-season scrimmage our main quarterback and Ethan both went down with knee injuries. He was out for the first three weeks of the season but managed to make his way back. Through another series of drama on the football team - he ended up being the starting varsity quarterback. A little nerve racking for a kid who really just wants to work on sacking the opposing team quarterback!

We were very proud of him as he stepped up and worked really hard at trying to do the job better each game. They didn't have a winning season but did win one big game as they beat Big Piney with Ethan playing quarterback and running in the final touchdown.

Yes - he is taller then his two older brothers - He is now just a hair over 6 foot!

Back in his stance after taking a snap.

Announcing the starting lineup - I just thought this picture turned out cool...

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