Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Off to the Races!!!

Ethan went out for track this spring and has done very well at the meets he's went to. Unfortuneatly the last two have been cancelled. He runs the 100 yard dash, 4X1 relay and he was high jumping until his back started hurting and so now he is throwing.

I have really enjoyed messing with my camera and all the sports shots. I have found I enjoy the outside pictures more because I don't have to deal with the lighting like they have in the gyms and such.

Easter & Trace

Erin wanted to dye Easter eggs so bad so we invited
our little buddy Trace over and we spent the afternoon
dying eggs - always so much fun.

This boy loves to eat!

Ice Skating Show

Michael and Teann's kids have taken up ice skating since they moved out here so we got to attend one of their ice shows a few weeks ago. This is Riley in one of her perfomances. She is such a cutie!!

Riley in another of of her outfits -
she looks so grown up.

And here's Kodie - she's the first one and very energetic!! We couldn't get Gatlin on film because he was moving waaaayyy to fast!!

I truly don't know who this girl is but I was trying out my camera in the different light - I just was just excited that is wasn't totally blurry and kind of cool...

Grandma turns 70!

Kenny's mom was blessed to be able to celebrate her 70th birthday on March 7th of this year. All five of her children and their spouses and most of the grandchildren were able to be there to help her celebrate!

The grandkids chowing down...

Another pretty cake!

Sweet 16!

Surprise! We had a surprise sweet 16 for Erin after
their last home basketball game in February. Erin's friend Kayla turns 16 3 days after Erin so we just decided to do one big party!

Lots of green!

Erin and Kayla's cake.

Kayla and Erin

Party time...

Erin opening her present from her dad.
She was so excited to see it was vehicle keys until she realized it was the keys to the Nissan! (Our very old 1985 Nissan pickup that Grandpa Bob used to drive!

A little thumb wrestling entertainment...

Happy girls and the food line.

They had more fun with the fondant off of the cake - if you can't eat it I guess you use it for party favors!

Career Day

Wow what an honor! Little Kodie Egle had career day at school and she chose me to interview. I was so excited. She asked me all kinds of questions about my job and then I got to go to her classroom one day and be interviewed by her classmates. I was very impressed by their questions and knowledge of the economy, and what income, expenses, profit, wages all were. But at the end of the day Kodie decided she didn't want to be a bookkepper but would rather be a hair dresser like her mom. I told her that was an awesome career choice too and that her mom was a very talented woman!