Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cooking with Dad

Ethan has been begging for Creme brule' for about 2 months so since

it was a great day to be inside dad helped him make it! It was yummy!!

Winter Wonderland

I'm just getting my fall layout on and we got snow!

It was kind of nice as I really needed a day at home.

Unfortunately, Erin got stuck on her volleyball trip but

they finally made it home today about 2:00 - It really

was a pretty snow!

Homecoming Royalty

I'm a little slow here lately... Here is the Homecoming Royalty picture.

Zach is number 64 and Luke is 45 - oops the King and Queen hadn't

gotten out there yet!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Wow - I can not believe it's been a month since I have gotten anything posted! Football and volleyball games are keeping us busier then I thought. We had a really nice visit with Kenny's folks for about a week a couple of weeks ago and they got to do some site seeing and take in a couple of football games, volleyball games and even do some fishing. The weather was great while they were here and actually the whole month of September was beautiful.

We had Homecoming last week so it was a very full and busy week but a very fun one. We beat our cross county rivals Big Piney 27-0. That hasn't happened in 9 years! Since I didn't get a lot of pictures taken with my digital, I'll direct you to the local website which has a ton of great pictures on it! Check it out!!:) This is always a good spot to see what's going on in Pinedale.