Thursday, July 16, 2009

Goin to the Woods

Luke and Zach are working for Pickaroon Timber again this year and they came home one day and said their boss was going to start sending them to the "woods". I was never sure what that exactly meant so his boss took these pictures and sent them to us.

This is the trail back to where they cut the timber.

Lunch Break - again?

Sizing up the trees.

Working away...

Zach - surprised at the camera!

Sister Fun

We were so lucky to get to have so much family here for Luke and Zach's graduation
party. Here is a shot with my three sisters.
Peggy, Sandy, Sherry, Rhonda.

If you know much about the Cox's you know there is always lots of laughter and card playing!

More graduation...

Luke and Zach were so blessed to meet some great people while in Pinedale. Zach's basketball coach Mike Vickrey, talks his mom into making quilts for some of his basketball players when they graduate from high school. I'm not sure how the boys got on this list but they were sure glad to be the recipents of one of these quilts! This is Zach's.

Luke didn't play basektball but I guess since he is dating Kelsea Vickrey he got on the list!

A quick family photo after graduation.

These are our good friends the Papes. Michelle and I went to college in Chadron together and lived in Estes Park, CO together one summer. Michelle and Fred's daughter Logan graduated too.

Sydnee and Logan Pape.
Sydnee and Erin are good buds..


Well they both walked and received.
The diplomas were actually signed!
Here is Luke receiving his diploma
from Jim Malkowski the school
board president.

Zach showing off the fruit of his labors.

Luke and Zach - PHS 2009 graduates.