Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kenny and I actually got to take a Saturday this fall and drive over Union Pass to see the colors. These pictures really do no reflect the beauty we saw.

In one area we went through by the Green River Lakes road there were people gathering sheep. I have them on Ethan's camera so hopefully I can get them posted when he's awake to show me a couple of things - this was a little further down the road..

Kenny trying out Luke's goose ? whatever. They both thought it was pretty cool anyway. Luke took Dad hunting while he was home.

Does this look like "quiet to you?"
We were blessed to host a breakfast one day for all of the volleyball team.


Ethan at the last game of the season leading the defense.

Another Month Gone

I can not believe almost two months have passed since I have been able to share on here! Everyone keeps telling me how much quieter and less busy my life must be with Luke and Zach gone. HA - is all I have to say to that. With Ethan in middle school football and Erin in Varsity Volleyball nothing is quieter or less busy I can assure you. I think I drove the road from Pinedale to Kemmerer at least once a week for 6 weeks (2 hours one way) - either to a volleyball tournament or a football game. Alas fall sports are over and we had a great fall. Ethan was so excited to play football this year and he really showed his enthusiasm on the field. In the one game against Star Valley we won the game 34 - 0 and Ethan had scored 32 of the points - quite a highlight for him. The last game of the season they played Rich County and beat them 40 something to 6 and the highlight of that game was getting to play on the new turf on the high school field. Those bright orange end zones must have really attracted those boys!! Luke was able to make it home for Homecoming and was so jealous to see the new field and the lights. The coach invited him down on the sidelines so he had a lot of fun doing that. We really enjoyed having him "home" - even though he wasn't really here that often.

Erin was the starting middle hitter on the Varsity Volleyball team this year. She had a great season this year as she led the team in kills. The biggest highlight for her team was that they made it to the Wyoming State Volleyball Tournament. I believe it's been about 10 years since that has happened. They were beat in the first game by Wheatland - this year's champions and then again by Glenrock. We are truly excited to watch her team in the future as there were only 3 seniors on the team this year and the rest were sophomores. Way to go Lady Wranglers!!

We have about a month reprieve before Erin starts her basketball schedule and so Kenny and Ethan have plans to meet with my brother Rick and Luke and Zach in Eastern Wyoming to do some pheasant hunting. Erin and I have a shopping date to Idaho Falls and I think she's going to a Christian Concert next weekend. Ethan didn't want to play basketball as he is "saving himself" for the ski season. It sounds like everyone around us is getting tons of snow and we haven't hardly had any yet! Needless to say he is not very happy about that.

Well I'll try to get some pictures in here and hopefully I will get my new camera ordered this week!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy 50th Anniversary

Kenny and I have been so blessed with awesome examples of great marriages. My mom and dad were married over 60 years and now Kenny's mom and dad have been married 50 years as of September 1, 2009. Happy Anniversary Loren and Pat and may God bless you with many, many more happy years together.

The Celebration

Wow - what an event - 50 years. Kenny's mom and dad decided to celebrate 50 years of marriage by having their family all meet in Keystone, CO for a week. So at the end of July we all packed our bags and met in Colorado. It was an absolutly perfect spot as we had a big house with a hot tub and a pool just down the hill - all right on the golf course. Relaxing, restfull and fun for everyone. We also had a big kitchen table for card playing!

We decided to take some family pictures while we were there so here are a few of those shots...

Grandpa with his sons and grandsons.

Grandma and the granddaughters

Luke and "not so little" Anna.

Lana, Pat and Lori - the flowers and scenery were so pretty and green.

The "boys". Larry and Kelly in the back and Loren and Kenny in the front.

Still holding hands after 50 years.

One night we had a cream can dinner so the cousins had to help shuck corn and get things ready if they wanted to eat!

One day several of us decided to head down the river - literally.. we went rafting down the Arkansas - and I don't have the picture but Grandpa and Grandma went to. It was a blast.

Cousins - Erin and Karen

More cousins..Kayla, Erin and Lane

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Goin to the Woods

Luke and Zach are working for Pickaroon Timber again this year and they came home one day and said their boss was going to start sending them to the "woods". I was never sure what that exactly meant so his boss took these pictures and sent them to us.

This is the trail back to where they cut the timber.

Lunch Break - again?

Sizing up the trees.

Working away...

Zach - surprised at the camera!

Sister Fun

We were so lucky to get to have so much family here for Luke and Zach's graduation
party. Here is a shot with my three sisters.
Peggy, Sandy, Sherry, Rhonda.

If you know much about the Cox's you know there is always lots of laughter and card playing!

More graduation...

Luke and Zach were so blessed to meet some great people while in Pinedale. Zach's basketball coach Mike Vickrey, talks his mom into making quilts for some of his basketball players when they graduate from high school. I'm not sure how the boys got on this list but they were sure glad to be the recipents of one of these quilts! This is Zach's.

Luke didn't play basektball but I guess since he is dating Kelsea Vickrey he got on the list!

A quick family photo after graduation.

These are our good friends the Papes. Michelle and I went to college in Chadron together and lived in Estes Park, CO together one summer. Michelle and Fred's daughter Logan graduated too.

Sydnee and Logan Pape.
Sydnee and Erin are good buds..


Well they both walked and received.
The diplomas were actually signed!
Here is Luke receiving his diploma
from Jim Malkowski the school
board president.

Zach showing off the fruit of his labors.

Luke and Zach - PHS 2009 graduates.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy 14th!

Happy 14th Birthday Ethan
You were the cutest little blonde
boy I have ever seen...

Also Happy ?? Birthday Aunt Linda
she and Ethan share the same birthday!!

Track Finals..

Taking some advice from dad.
Ethan ended his 7th grade track season
last Tuesday. It was a windy horrible day in
Lander. This shot was in Rock Springs on
Saturday - his best ever 4'10" and it got him
8th place. He was pretty happy and so were

Family Pictures...

Thank you again Tara for
your patience and creativity
in photography.

Anybody who can take

and this....

and make it into this...
deserves applause!

Then and now.....

Recognize this picture?? Now...
and then...think time isn't flying by...

Prom 2009

Thank you so much Mike and Sherri Irwin for opening your home to the junior and seniors and their dates. Wow such awesome hospitality!! This is a picture of the seniors. What a great group of kids. You will all truly be missed...

This is Luke and Zach's friend
Catherine and her date -
she made her dress and
her dates tie and
cummberband from
M&M wrappers.
She is so creative!

Luke and his girlfriend
Kelsea Vickrey standing
by the stretch Hummer that
their friend Taylor's grandpa
got for her and her friends!

Zach and his date - Yamaha

The brothers...they clean
up pretty well...

Senior Pictures

We want to thank Tara Bolgiano @
Blushing Crow Photography for the
great job she did on the boy's senior
pictures. She made the picture taking
session very fun for them.
They were taken right behind our house which was kind of cool...

Zach - cool black and white
football pose.

Cutie pie Zach!

Luke in his "sorta-kinda" intense
football picture.

Luke in his relaxed state!