Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Celebration

Wow - what an event - 50 years. Kenny's mom and dad decided to celebrate 50 years of marriage by having their family all meet in Keystone, CO for a week. So at the end of July we all packed our bags and met in Colorado. It was an absolutly perfect spot as we had a big house with a hot tub and a pool just down the hill - all right on the golf course. Relaxing, restfull and fun for everyone. We also had a big kitchen table for card playing!

We decided to take some family pictures while we were there so here are a few of those shots...

Grandpa with his sons and grandsons.

Grandma and the granddaughters

Luke and "not so little" Anna.

Lana, Pat and Lori - the flowers and scenery were so pretty and green.

The "boys". Larry and Kelly in the back and Loren and Kenny in the front.

Still holding hands after 50 years.

One night we had a cream can dinner so the cousins had to help shuck corn and get things ready if they wanted to eat!

One day several of us decided to head down the river - literally.. we went rafting down the Arkansas - and I don't have the picture but Grandpa and Grandma went to. It was a blast.

Cousins - Erin and Karen

More cousins..Kayla, Erin and Lane


Walkers said...

Love the family pictures!!!

Mary Jo

Stamping Ideas With Peg said...

Wow! Nice pictures! It looks like you guys had so much fun! What great family time!