Sunday, March 15, 2009

Going to the chapel....

23 years and counting.... Wow! Some people have changed and yet others are still the same! I love you Kenny and thanks for being such a wonderful husband and a great dad. Looking forward to many, many more....

Happy Birthday Sister Sherry

Happy Birthday Sherry... This is an oldie but one of my favorites..

Basketball Fun

Well basketball is finally done. Erin had a pretty good year as a Freshman. She started Varsity about 1/4 way through the season and learned a ton!! The highlights were still the Freshman games where she got to play with her classmates. They are a very unique and special bunch of girls and they were coached by a very loving, caring yet tough woman. They all truly love and respect her. We had a poster made for Coach McKinney which was very cool... Thanks Jennifer! They ended up 14-2 with a first and second place finishing at the two tournaments they went to...Good Job Girls!!

Erin turns 15

Erin turned 15 on the 27th of February...she wasn't overly thrilled because her birthday was on the same day they left for a Freshman basketball tournament in Worland. Her coach set up dinner for them in Lander and Kenny and I showed up with a cake and treat bags. Erin has an awesome bunch of classmates and coaches who helped her to feel very special and blessed! They also got 2nd out of 12 teams in the tournament the next day which was awesome!!