Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Little Catchin' Up

I knew when I started this blog it would be a challenge for me to keep up but I didn't think it would be quite this bad! Let's see if I can take some time to get a few things caught up... October finished out with the boys beating their cross county rivals Big Piney for the first time in 9 years. It was an awesome day! They have a county trophy that stays at the winning school until the next year so it was a pretty big event for the school. We then finished the season off with a birth to the 3A Football playoffs - again 1st time in 9 years! We ended the regular season @ 5-3 which is the best record that they had had in - yes again - 9 years!! We were ranked 3rd in the state in 3A so our first game was at home against Lovell. It started out quite scary as at half time we were down 20-0 and we aren't really known as the type of school that "makes a comeback". I really don't mean to brag but those Egle boys came out and "lit it up". They were bound and determined to get the quarterback. By the end of the game they were on their third quarterback and we came back and won the game 28-23. On Sunday our pastor said he had lived in Pinedale for 23 years and that was the best football game he had ever seen Pinedale play. Needless to say we were quite proud of the team! We went on to play the state champs in Glenrock - wow were they impressive! Needless to say that ended our state title hopes. The year still ended on a great note as Luke and Zach both made All-Conference and Luke made it on the All-State Team. Luke also received the defensive player of the year award and the spirit award and they presented Zach with the game ball from the Lovell game since he played both sides of the ball the whole entire game.

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sixbehrs said...

Well, when you post, you really post! I was wondering when you were ever going to update this thing!!! It's great to see that your kids are doing so well in their endeavors. Pinedale is fortunate to have the Egle family! We miss you.