Monday, August 18, 2008


I guess every family has one and mine is going to be Ethan. Last Thursday night he wrecked the four wheeler and it rolled on top of him and he broke his tibia and fibula. He had surgery on Friday and we finally got home today! He has been in quite a bit of pain but I'm not sure if the physical or emotional pain is worse. He was supposed to start football next Monday and now he will miss the whole season plus probably the basketball season. Thankfully he had his helmet on and he had a cell phone so he could call us right away but nonetheless we let him ride by himself (mistake) and he's only 13 - should be 16 (mistake). Hopefully we all learned a lesson and hopefully he'll think a little more the next time - although he was wondering if he would be able to ski this year - that's a wait and see! Anyway, thank you to all who have been praying. We have to go back to Jackson Friday so maybe I can get some gorry pictures to post!


Wheeler Family Scrapbook said...
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Wheeler Family Scrapbook said...

oh no! I hope he recovers quickly.

Leslie said...

Rhonda so sorry to hear about Ethan. Thank goodness he was wearing his helmet. Take care my good friend

Grandpa Loren and Grandma Pat said...

Ethan: We are so glad you are home and out of the hospital! We are planning on coming out the middle of September to watch some of the high schools football and volleyball games. Take care!

Grandpa Loren and Grandma Pat

Peg's Creative Cards said...

Ethan, I just saw a picture of your leg. Oh, my gosh I am so glad you had your helmet on! You and Uncle Bud need to get together! We pray it all turns out ok. Take care! Bud & Peg