Friday, July 18, 2008

What We Do!

Well this is what we do in Wyoming. Kenny is a general foreman for a company that does construction work out in the gas fields. He is head of the trucks and cranes and not very happy that I posted this picture! He said, "That is not what I do all day!" I'm sure that's true but I thought it was a cool picture with the mountains in the background.

This is a picture of Luke last fall when he finally got to play football. He broke a bone in his hand the week before the first game so he had to miss the first five games. He was so bummed out! When he finally got the cast off the doctor wasn't sure if he should play or not and he just told him it didn't matter if he thought he should play or not he was going to. So he told him how to wrap it up and away he went! I ended up sending this picture to the doctor and he thought is was
pretty cool!

This is Zach playing ball with one of his blocked punts on the season. This was a super sweet shot for him as the kid punting the ball had a little rowel with Zach on the basketball court the year before! As you can tell we play our games on Friday afternoons instead of Friday nights. Quite a bit different. We are lucky enough to get in one game a year under the lights.

Erin loves the sports as well but had a
rough year as an eigth grader. She actually
broke her foot last August at a camp in Colorado but played volleyball on it anyway. When basketball came around she couldn't take the pain any longer so ended up in a cast for the next three months. She's back on the court and went to a volleyball and basketball camp this summer and is very much looking forward to her Freshman year!

Ethan plays all the traditional sports of football, basketball and track but he keeps telling me he LOVES the extreme sports like skiing. He went almost every weekend if he could!

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The Buffington Family said...

Hi, Rhonda! Dirk's sister told me about your blog and I wanted to write a quick note. Tell Kenny the photo of him 'relaxing for a minute' at work isn't really that bad. Whenever I'm frustrated at Dirk, there's no telling what kind of photos will appear on our blog! :) -Janelle